Bali Island… white sandy beaches, bright sunshine, a tropical paradise with a unique ancient culture. These images come to mind when we hear the name Bali. But more than beautiful tropical beaches and cultural atmosphere, Bali has great potential in arts and music.

Today, Bali’s music world is just awakening from its “sleep” and a new spirit is taking form in its music. This is showing itself in the quality of local musicians and studios. Collaboration between local and overseas musicians is on the increase.

Antida Music Production was founded in this context in 2004, by Anom Darsana, a 36 year old Balinese. After graduating as a sound engineer in Switzerland, Anom worked in sound reinforcement for many years before coming back to Bali and building Antida Studio on an interesting concept: a modern studio with the highest quality of technology, essential to today’s musicians, but with an authentic atmosphere.

Antida Studio is first of all a modern studio which offers the best quality to its clients as well as competitive prices, especially for overseas artists. Artists will find modern equipment and instruments, but also perfectly adapted architecture of the locality (control room, recording room and mastering room) designed to provide good acoustics and purity of sound. But, more importantly, success depends on the quality of the engineer. Antida’s sound engineers, Anom Darsana himself, Deni Surya and Dicky Indra, are experienced and have excellent skills and knowledge of music and technology.

Based on the track list, Antida Studio has worked with several well-known musicians: .. list musicians here ..

The unique qualities of Antida Studio are experience, technology and, not less important, the necessity to conserve the spirit of Bali. The studio is near many tourist locations such as Sanur (15 min) or Ubud (30 min). The atmosphere is authentic zen in a traditional Balinese lifestyle. A pleasant place to stay in a tropical garden with a mini bar where local artists like to meet.

All you need is available here, so why not come and see for yourself?

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